Promoting your group

posted Dec 13, 2010, 11:57 AM by Paul Edison-Swift on Ecunet   [ updated Oct 5, 2011, 8:18 PM ]
How do I send invitations to others to join my group?
  1. If you are the group owner, use the "Invite members" link to send invitations out to people you know.  The "Invite members by e-mail" option allows you to enter the addresses of people to invite and prompts you for the group description. Google automatically sends the instructions for joining the group.

  2. Another option under "Invite members" is to "Add members directly" to your group.  Only use this option for people you know and for those who you know want to be added to the group.  This is useful for workgroups that need to get started quickly and all members have agreed to the part of the group.

  3. Compose your own invitation note that you can send to people as you think of them, or in response to questions on how to join.  Two "announce only" groups have also been set up specifically to share invitations to new groups: "Ecunet" (goes to all people with addresses), and "LutherLink" is an announce-only group for people interested in ELCA-related discussions.  Here is the basic information you'll want to include in your invitation note (in this sample, we use the "Welcome" group):

    In the subject line of your note, put something like: "Invitation: Welcome group"  Then in the body of your note, include:

    Group name: Welcome

    Group description: A public group to welcome new members to Ecunet, get acquainted, ask questions.

    Group Web address:

    Group e-mail address:

    Subscribe to group via e-mail:

    Unsubscribe via e-mail:

    Group owner:

    Messages sent to the Ecunet group are moderated. Give it a day or so to be reviewed. If you are in a hurry to promote your group, send a note to to draw attention to the waiting invitation.
  1. Consider adding the subscribe and unsubscribe addresses in the footer of every message for your group.  That way if someone forwards a note from your group, it will have information at the bottom on how the recipient can subscribe too.

  2. If appropriate, consider featuring recent notes from your group on your Web site.  Each public group has a number of RSS feeds that feature recent notes.  Always include group signup information near your RSS widget to encourage people to join the discussion.  You can find your RSS feeds by going to the "About" page for your group and then navigate to the "View all available feeds" page.  Here is is a sample of that page:

  3. Share your ideas for group promotion in the Ecunet Meeting Managers group.