What are my options for connecting to Ecunet?

posted Oct 1, 2010, 11:14 AM by Paul Edison-Swift on Ecunet   [ updated Mar 10, 2011, 8:06 AM ]
You can choose one or more of the following options for retrieving your Ecunet mail and group notes:
  1. Some groups on Ecunet allow anyone to participate, whether you have an @ecunet.org address or not.  Here's a comparison of features available depending on whether you participate with a Google account or your personal or organizational address.

  2. Read your mail for your @ecunet.org address in the Ecunet "Gmail" Web interface. <overview>  For tips on filtering groups notes into folders using Labels, check out this FAQ entry.

  3. Read your notes in an e-mail client like Thunderbird, Live Mail, Apple Mail, Outlook, etc. <moreIMAP is a great option, since it it synchronizes your inbox between the Web view, your computer(s) and mobile devices(s). An IMAP account will automatically display your group folders.

  4. For each group your are joined to, you can use the "Edit my membership" option to:
    • read your notes on the Web <take the tour>  (Note that Google has discontinued Group pages and files in favor of using Google Sites or Google Docs for those features)
    • receive a daily abridged summary e-mail of activity in the group
    • daily digest e-mail with up to 25 full messages in a single note
    • receive each group note in a separate e-mail.  These can usually be filtered into folders in your e-mail client.

  5. You can forward personal or group notes to alternate e-mail address(es) by logging into the Ecunet Gmail interface.  Some groups require that you have an @ecunet.org address in order to post to a group, so it may not be possible to reply to the group from your alternate address.