Transition FAQs

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How do I join? Your current Ecunet account may already be active on the new platform. Click the "Ecunet Login" button in the top left corner of the new Ecunet home page. Enter your current user name and password (e.g. firstname_lastname). If your current account doesn't seem to work, click the "Sign Up for Ecunet" link on the new Ecunet home page. 
How do I log in to the new Ecunet? Go to and click the button that says "Ecunet Login"  
How do I start a meeting? To start a group you need to have an Ecunet account (you don't need an account to participate in some groups). Log in to your Ecunet account by clicking the "Ecunet Login" button. When you get the Ecunet groups page and have confirmed you are logged in (you see your Ecuent address at the top of the screen), click the "Create a Group" button. 
If I use an account for my e-mail address, how can I access that? Your address uses the Gmail mail service, so you can access it via a Webmail interface or using e-mail software (e.g. OutLook, Thunderbird, Livemail, etc.) using POP3 or IMAP protocols. 
Is there a member fee for the new Ecunet? Not at this time. Donations are accepted to help with fees due to the previous hosting company and transition costs. In the future funds will be sought to promote the community and possibly offer stipends to key volunteers. Donate now at: 
Is there any limit on the number of messages that may be posted? No. 
I've already paid my member fee for upcoming months, will I get a refund now that Ecunet is free? All member fees have gone to paying the hosting provider for the old Ecunet platform, so no funds are available for refunds. Volunteers are standing by to help you make use of all the features you had on the old platform, plus new features like photo albums, document and video sharing, Web sites, etc. 
May I keep my current Ecunet e-mail address? During the transition to the new platform, e-mail addresses for members who paid a member fee in the last two years will be brought over. Members who have not paid a member fee lately but who would like to have an address (which is required in order to start new groups) may fill out a membership form: 
What about my or address? Our intent is to use "domain aliasing" so that mail addressed to your address will arrive at your inbox. In order to have or appear in messages from you, follow the instructions for Premier/Educational Google Apps users on this page: 
What is the URL for Ecunet? After October 1: Until October 1, you can access the new Ecunet at 
Who made the decision to move off the current Ecunet platform? The Ecunet board of directors, in consultation with members, former board members and the current platform administrator. 
Why do we have to move off of the current Ecunet platform? 1. Expenses to host and maintain the current platform have exceeded income. Denominational subsidies to Ecunet ceased at the end of 2009. 2. Technical challenges (spam and blacklistings) have made the current service unstable and unreliable. 
Will the groups that I belong to now be at the new site? Whether the current public and private groups continue on the new platform is up to each Ecunet meeting organizer. Volunteers are available to help all meeting organizers set up and support their groups on the new platform. 
Will the new Ecunet interfere with any of my other activities in cyberspace? You can use your "day to day" e-mail address to participate in Ecunet groups. If you want to create a group in the Ecunet domain you need to log in with an Ecunet account. 
Will there be an archive of past meeting messages? It will be up to each meeting organizer on the old Ecunet to take the steps necessary to archive old notes and make those available to group members. 
Will there be someone to help me and will there be instructions I can understand? Volunteer helpers are available in the "Ecunet Help" group. Find links to all the ways you can find instructions and help on the "Need help?" page. 
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