What is a restricted group and when is it useful?

Post date: Sep 09, 2010 8:6:31 PM

When you "Browse all Groups" on the Ecunet site, some groups will say "restricted" next to the number of group members.  This indicates that the group owner(s) restricted access in some way.  Owners may also decide whether to even include the group in the groups directory.  Here are the choices an owner can make when deciding about access to their group:


1. Who can view group content: only members of the group; anyone with an Ecunet.org account; anyone

2. Directory listing: list this group in the Groups directory; do not list this group

3. Who can view the listing of group members: only group members; only group managers; anyone from ecunet.org

4. Who can join the group: anyone; anyone from ecunet.org; people have to be invited; people can request an invitation

5. Allow External Members: when this box is checked, email addresses outside of ecunet.org can be added to the group, and can receive emails sent to the group.

6. Who can post messages: managers only; members only; anyone from ecunet.org; anyone.  The group owners/managers also have the option holding messages from non-members for approval; and allowing posting from the Web.

7. Who can invite members: managers; managers and members

8. Message moderation: all messages are held for moderation; no moderation; messages from new members are moderated.


Adding restrictions to your group can be useful when the work you are doing or main topic of discussion is private or sensitive in nature.  Some groups limit access when the work going on is preliminary and not yet ready for public discussion.  Restricting membership to Ecunet.org members means that it is somewhat likely that the people participating are committed to being a part of an online community, as opposed to being more anonymous and uncommitted.  The problem of restricting membership to ecunet.org domain members is that requiring someone to create an account is a "hoop" that some people may not want to jump through, preferring the convenience of simply using their day-to-day e-mail address for their group interactions.

If you are a group owner and would like to change your settings, go to [Group settings], [Access]

PLEASE NOTE:  Even if you make a group restricted (ie. private), it will still appear in the Groups directory unless you go back and specifically select the "Do not list this group" under [Group settings], [Access], [Directory listing].