September 24, 2010 message to all members

This is the second note in a series describing the transition Ecunet is making to a new groups service.  If you didn’t receive the first note, you can find it here:  You may receive this note two or three times, as it was sent to every inbox and to the BULLETINS meeting.  

As soon as possible, please take these steps to prepare for the move to the new service:

1. Register on the new Ecunet service if:

a. you want to keep and use your e-mail address

b. you want to be able to create groups on the new service

c. you want to be able to participate in more groups (some groups may be restricted to people with an Ecunet account).

Go to and attempt to sign in with your existing Ecunet inbox name and password. If that doesn’t work, sign up for an account. (Lite members were not imported and not all paid accounts were able to be imported into the new service.)

2. If you are the organizer of a current Ecunet meeting, read the tips for setting up your group on the new service:

3. What will happen at the end of this month?  Toward the end of the day on September 30, 2010, the,, and domains will be pointed to the new Ecunet service.  The transition to the new service can take a number of days, depending on your Internet provider and other factors.  We hope the new service will be operational by October 4, 2010.  No e-mail messages, meeting notes or contacts that are stored in the Ecunet Web interface will be automatically transferred to the new system.  Saving those items will the responsibility of each member and each meeting organizer.  Each meeting on the current service that you would like to continue on the new system must be created there.  For updates during the transition, go to

As mentioned in the first announcement, the new Ecunet will not have a member fee.  If you recently paid your member fee, thank you, since there are still bills to pay associated with the current Ecunet.  It is hoped that the new Ecunet will be sustained with tax-deductible contributions from members:

If you have questions about the transition, join the ECUNET HELP meeting on the current or new Ecunet system, or use one of the other help options on this page:

Thanks for your patience and support,

Elsa Clark, Interim President

On behalf of the Ecunet Board

P.S. We apologize for the Ecunet outages that occurred on 9/22-9/23.  Also, if you are encountering security certificate warnings when logging in on the current Ecunet site, you may safely ignore those warnings.